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Functions and advantages of Wolf Technology coins

Functions and advantages of Wolf Technology coins


Nowadays in Brazil there are many kits for conversion of cars and electric motorcycles. All are imported and overprize, so, the values make unfeasible the conversion itself. The items are almost 30(thirty) times more expensive than  the components made in Brazil. So, if all manufacture and technology can be developed in Brazil, it will be possible to practice prices 70% less than imported items.


Data reference below : Dados do Ministério da Infraestrutura

There are 59,02 millions of vehicles and 24,57 millions of motorcycles in Brazil according to a report dated October 2021.

Saying so, our vision of production, confection and sale of need items to make the electric kits for cars and motorcycles has already been elaborate.

If we sell 0.5%, we will get 415.000 kits. Until 2024 the lump sum will reach approximately R$48 millions in our money.


As you see, this scenery has a great potential and further more, we have the technology and work plan to build, train and sell this kit all over the national territory.


Iniatialy 3 kits available:

  1. Motorcycles: engines and controller:5kwp 140v
  2. Vehicles until 900 kilos-kit power:8kwp 240v
  3. Vehicles until 1.500 kilos-kit power:18kwp 440v
  4. Batteries bank can be offered according to each client request. All batteries bank will have refrigerated liquid and load management.

RELEASE DATE FOR THE 3KITS: February, 20,2023

PRODUCT: (w22A) 5kwp 140v – conversion kit  for motorcycles combustion  into electric

PRODUCT: (w22B) 8kwp 240v – conversion kit for vehicles combustion into electric

PRODUCT: (w22C) 18kwp 440v – conversion kit for vehicles combustion into electric

All kits will have Android Interface

Battery tension, temperature, maximum potency, speed, odometer, amperage and kilometer estimated.

All following functions will be developed very soon.

The kits won’t have tablet or general display, but they can be bought as accessory or with the basic kit.
Although all functions will be available on installed App.


In each 30 days will be presented a balance sheet with a financial and structural situaltion of all products.


Legal entities: For legal entities (specialized workshops) which purchase 3.000 wltc will have resale right of our kits with special price (whosale) in our products since have gotten the coins previously until June 30, 2022.

Natural Person: For the ones that only have the purpose of conversion will be provided training.

WOLF TECHNOLOGY COINS: 1.0 WLTC: Expiration date of this coin will be lifetime

The most important function of this coin is to capture a minimum value for production and kits sale for conversion into electric for cars and motorcycles reducing in 70% of the market.

The coin by itself has the meaning of an investment fund as a ballast in the WOLF TECHNOLOGY company.

So, all products and services can be bought with our coin, ensuring current liquidity and appreciation of our products.

The lump sum of the coins will be 3.000.000 (whole coin) and a total fractions of 300. (wltc).

Each fraction will have an initial value of R$0,25. Each 8 fractions the value will be of (1)=(wltc)=R$2,00



Soon we will have more news and Products.

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